February 16th 2019.


We are pleased to announce the election of Antti KÄÄRIÄINEN as the new president of the EPFU.

René MEIER stays onboard on the board as Technical Officer.

We want to fly privately and safely, as much as possible, as economically as possible, with reasonable and scientifically supported safety and environment requirements.

EPFU Founding

The EPFU was founded on the 24 th   February 2007 in Luxembourg and formally launched at an  inaugural General Meeting in Paris on the 5 th   May 2007  . EPFU currently unites National Federations and powered flying sections of 10 European countries : Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Who we represent?

The purpose of the EPFU is to support the interests of its Members at the European level, in respect of all relevant regulatory matters. Members are usually the principal national bodies representing sports and recreational powered flying organisations. The EPFU already represents more than 75 000 private pilots in Europe.

EPFU general description

EPFU  main objective is to  deal with regulatory matters and it leaves sports administration to the appropriate FAI Sport Commission. EPFU will remain independent of FAI, while cooperating closely.

EPFU  will act independently, but seeks to have good relations and co-operative works with relevant national and international organisations.

EPFU  intends to be an active member of Europe Air Sports (EAS), which represents the full range of air sports at European level as far as regulations are concerned.

EPFU want to be recognised at all European level (European Commission, EASA, and Eurocontrol) as the organisation representing the Powered Flying fraternity in Europe,

How we are going to do it:

  1. By representing National Powered Flying organisations of main European countries,
  2. By organising the EPFU work in a rational way, with dedicated and competent people,
  3. By seeking co-operation with other European Unions in matters of mutual interest,
  4. By ensuring a close relationship with our member organisations.

Language and Head Office:

Although the official language is English, the EPFU is a French association with its head office in 155 Avenue de Wagram, 75017 Paris, where the French FFA provides a certain level of logistic assistance.

For more information about EPFU, our website www.epfu.eu is now available.

Complex aeroplanes

(*) “According to article 3(j) of EASA Basic Regulation, a complex motor-powered aircraft shall mean an aeroplane :

  • with a maximum certificated take-off mass exceding 5,700 kg, OR
  • certificated for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than nineteen, OR
  • certificated for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots, OR
  • equipped with (a) turbojet engine(s), OR
  • more than one turboprop engine.

The EPFU 2009 Executive Board : From left to right, Max de Richemond (FR) General Secretary, Manfred Kunschitz (A) Treasurer, Wolfgang Drexel (D) President, and Jean Birgen (LUX) Vice-President.

Cologne, Butzweilerhof Museum, 29 March 2008, during the EPFU 2008 General Assembly, from left to right :

  • Knud Nielsen (DK), Dansk Motorfluger Association
  • Wolfgang Drexel (D), German Aeroclub, elected as EPFU President,
  • Jean Birgen (LUX), Fédération Aéronautique Luxembourgeoise, elected as EPFU Vice-President,
  • Wolfgang Muëther (D), previous EPFU Vice-President, President of the Powered Flying section of the German Aeroclub.
  • Dr Edgar Mayer, President of the Cologne-Butzweilerhof Museum, and host of the 2008 EPFU General Assembly,
  • Kusti Kairikko (FIN), Finish Aeronautical Association,
  • René Meier (CH), Aero-Club of Switzerland,
  • Paul Draper (UK), Royal Aeroclub,
  • Thorsten Zwick (D), Maintenance expert of the German Aeroclub,
  • Bjorn Skogov (NOR), Norvegian Aeroclub,
  • Max de Richemond (F), Fédération Française Aéronautique, re-elected as EPFU Secretary General.

Absent on the picture :

  • Henry Lindholm (S), Swedish Aero-Club, previous EPFU President,
  • Manfred Kunschitz (A), Austrian Aero-Club, re-elected as EPFU Treasurer.