Main EPFU actions and tasks conducted in 2010.

According to its statutes and objectives, the EPFU worked, participated and acted all the year long on the different projects in progress at the EASA in Cologne. That means, to work on proposed texts (NPAs, CRDs, and opinions), to send comments, and to attend the different conferences, workshops, and events organised by the Agency on those proposed texts, that are thousands of pages thick and need to be carefully studied. Those main projects are :

  • NPA 2008-17 on “Pilot licensing” and “Medical” rules. The Agency published the CRD on “Pilot licensing” on 9 APR 2010 and calls for last comments before 9 June 2010. The CRD on “Medical” was published on 23 June 2010, with comments deadline on 23 August 2010. The Agency eventually sent its “Opinion” to the European Commission on 26 August 2010, conducting to several hard difficulties at the Commission level till the end of the year.
  • NPA 2008-22 on “Authority Requirements and Organisation Requirements (mainly for us, the rules about “training organisations”). The corresponding CRD was published on 4 October 2010 and deadline for comments was 6 December 2010.
  • As the Agency starts a study on ELA1/VLA/LSA concept, EPFU participated with others European Organisations (EAS, EMF, EFLEVA) in different works and study on this important subject for the future of our powered flying activity.
  • Part M on “Aeroplane maintenance and airworthiness” is also an EPFU main concern, but this subject was “quite calm” during the year 2010, as a large part of those requirements are already published and applicable.
  • As EPFU is a full EAS member, it participates in the work of this European Organisation gathering all the different activities of Sports and Recreational national organisation.

To help all this work, EPFU representatives attended several meetings in 2010, as :

  • With EGU and EAS, specific meeting in Cologne on February 16 with EASA Rulemaking Directorate to discuss requirements on “Approved Training Organisation (ATO)” included in NPA 2008-22.
  • Eurocontrol “Single European Sky (SES)” workshop in Brussels on June 3.
  • EAS General Meeting in Brussels on June 4
  • EASA / HAWK workshop on ELA1 / VLA / LSA  in Cologne on October 19.
  • EASA Conference on “Authority Requirements and Organisation Requirements” in Cologne on October 20 and 21;
  • LSA/VLA working group meeting in Paris on November 16,

And finally, for the EPFU action coordination, the annual EPFU General Assembly took place on April 16, and the Executive Board met on January 23, March 6, April 16, and September 25.

The EPFU Executive Board.


February 16th2010 in Cologne (Morning) :

EPFU President Wolfgang Drexel, General Secretary Max de Richemond, and Europe Air Sports Vice-President Rudolf Schuegraf, met on February 16th2010 inCologne, Matthias Borgmeier EASA Rulemaking focal point for General Aviation and Jean-Marc Cluzeau, EASA Rulemaking Head of flight standards. EPFU President and General Secretary presented our new European Union, its origin and the reasons that lead to its creation. The main objectives and actions were presented, as well as our membership and good coordination with EAS. So, EASA, now well informed about EPFU, will involve our Union in the European process as far as Powered Flying is concerned.

February 16th2010 in Cologne (Afternoon) :

On the same day in the afternoon, EPFU President Wolfgang Drexel and General Secretary Max de Richemond, with European Gliding Union (EGU) and Europe Air Sports representatives, met EASA Rulemaking Directorate delegates for a wide discussion on “Approved Training Organisation (ATO)” requirements included in EASA NPA 2008-22. EAS, EGU, and EPFU asked for this meeting because the proposed rules in the NPA are not at all adapted to the flight training implemented in non commercial structures as aero-clubs or flying associations. A so call “Light, or non complex, ATO” new category must be created with requirements adapted to flight training up to PPL VFR/SEP class ratings in aero-clubs. EASA representatives acknowledged the problem and agreed to work on a proposal which will be discussed during a new meeting, probably in June 2010, before the NPA 2008-22 CRD publication scheduled next September.