2012 EPFU General Assembly – Summary Report

Summary of the minutes of EPU’s General Meeting 2012


AUT : Manfred KUNSCHITZ (Treasurer)



FRA : Marc-Andre HEURTEVANT (Webmaster)

GER : Wolfgang DREXEL (President)

LUX : Jean BIRGEN (Vice-President)



UK : Julian SCARFE

The President welcomes the delegates, who are all also delegates to EAS, and excuses the General Secretary Max de Richemond due to urgent surgery.

Discussion and approval of last year’s minutes (President):

Approval is given by all the delegates.

Board activities during 2011 (President):

  • Board meetings were held in NED and in LUX;
  • Report and Discussion about held meeting with EMF/EFLEVA (Jan Fridrich, Roger Hopkinson) in Paris;
  • Report about attended meeting at Eurocontrol concerning “8.33 kHz”
  • Rudi Schuegraf attended a meeting concerning “IR”, representing EAS and also EPFU;
  • Report about President’s attendance at a meeting of ERAC (European Regional Airport Community);

Membership actualization (Vice-President):

  • A board meeting in Turkey is planned, but not yet fixed, due to difficulties in communication with the Turkish Aero-Club. Date and place to be fixed for a board meeting with Turkish Aero-club.
  • Discussion on Lisbon Board meeting output : Status is unchanged, Aero-club of Portugal signed interest, but did not yet join the Union.
  • PPL/IR-Europe, represented by Julian SCARFE, is accepted by the board as Associate Member.
  • Julian signs readiness to represent also interests of the EPFU in different workshops!

Treasurer’s presentation (Treasurer):

  • A proposition to invoice 2/3 of the scheduled membership fee “only for 2012” is accepted by the delegates.

News discussion/recommendation/requirement:

  • Delegates asked for more Information about activities … “immediately” after attending a workshop
  • would be appreciated.
  • National topics should be collected and distributed to the members:

For example, Language Proficiency Examination is “a topic” everywhere, as well as Towing, etc.

EPFU’s comments regarding EFLEVA’s paper concerning LSA (Rieteke VAN LUIJT):

  • After long discussions, a common meeting with EFLEVA was scheduled at the AERO’12 in Friedrichshafen.)

8.33 kHz (Julian SCARFE):

  • 8.33 Khz will be mandatory for IFR in 2014 and on. Forward fit: From 2013/14 and on, “new” radios will be mandatory in 8.33 khz. Retrofit: When you have to change existing equipment, 8.33 is mandatory. Up to now, 2018 is the deadline for 8.33 kHz to be installed in any ACFT..!
  • A selection of 25 kHz FRQ should be set up by Julian SCARFE for Eurocontrol, to simulate what could happen, if going that way!

Re-Election of Vice-President (Jean BIRGEN) and Treasurer (Manfred KUNSCHITZ):

Accepted without votes against;

Website (Marc-Andre HEURTEVANT):

  • Access of different languages is no longer necessary. If a translation is provided by any country – it’s possible to add it.
  • Delegates should check the given information about their countries : If wrong information would be found, please send it to the Webmaster!

Licensing (Part FCL) implementation :

  • Different situations and questions were raised from members on specific FCL subjects : Implementation time schedule, radio-telephony license, Language proficiency, minimum age to carry passengers, FI(A) limited to LAPL flight training if he does not hold at least theoretical CPL knowledge…

Training organisations:


  • It looks like many countries does not yet know how to deal with the item ATO!?

Commercial operations:

  • The interpretation is still not clear! Most countries only allow “cost sharing”; E.g. AUT allows charging the whole costs for the ACFT, but nothing else.

Part M (Maintenance):

  • Re-discussion of the rules, which caused by too high costs and dramatically, decreases flying hours according to AOPA statistics.
  • There is no difference for a pilot having an engine failure, if a Lycoming engine is installed in a PA18, a C172, or an EXPERIMENTAL! But of course, the maintenance requirements are very different!?

For the board:

Wolfgang Drexel Manfred Kunschitz
President Treasurer