How to become a member


Following the statutes adopted at the Paris General Assembly of May 5, 2007, all National Organizations representing motorized flying in the member countries of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) can become members of the European Power Flying Union (EPFU). Other National Organization may ask to be included as “Associate Members”.


Applications are made to the Secretary General and should include the Organization’s qualifications as well as their explicit acceptance of EPFU statutes and objectives.

Applications are considered by the executive office which then makes a recommendation at the next EPFU General assembly. The General Assembly makes all final decisions on membership.

In the meantime, according to the statutes, the Executive Board may propose an “associate” membership to the applicant.

Members’ rights and obligations:

All members make a commitment to actively participate according to their means, in the work and actions of the EPFU and specifically:

  • to participate in the work of the Annual General Assembly, in the Special Assemblies as well as whatever other working meetings the Executive Board may organize. to pay their dues, in accordance
  • to the amount agreed upon at the previous General Assembly, each year upon request of the treasurer.
  • to translate whenever necessary and spread throughout its organization and/or its country any information or requests for information emanating from EPFU in English.

EPFU is available to deal with the questions and concerns of its members provided they are submitted to it in English.

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Voting rights and annual fees of EPFU

In order to maintain a fair equilibrium between its members, the EPFU statutes provide a number of voting rights for each member based on the number of private pilots it represents.

Each member has a 100 voting rights to which are added 5 voting rights for each 1000 pilots represented (rounded out by groups of 500 if necessary). For example an organization representing 3000 pilots will have 100 + (5 x 3) = 115 voting rights.

Additionally, on the recommendation of the treasurer, the General Assembly adopts a yearly budget which is divided among member organizations in proportion to the number of their voting rights. Thus at the 2008 General Assembly in Cologne it was decided that dues for 2009 would be 15 Euros per voting right. After the General Assembly each member can thus calculate and inform its national organization on the amount in dues needed the following year.